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Kia ora e te whanau o Te Kāpehu Whetū…..

As you would know, 21 cadets, staff and kaumatua of our Leadership Academy of A Company left for Italy earlier in the week. Theres plenty of photos and vids on our two Facebook pages (below) if you want to keep track of their haerenga. They spent their first evening in Italy with Tā Bom having dinner and then unexpected, he gifted a poppy to each to wear while there. Tā Bom is a sprightly 99years old and last man standing of the 28MB.

Te Kāpehu Whetū Facebook Page

Leadership Academy Facebook Page

These two FB pages are our latest means of communication with whanau. They will provide a snap shot of key events taking place in the Academy or Kura that we wish to share with Te Ao. Whereas, our TKW Tuakana and Paenuku pages will continue to be our direct Comms channels for whanau only, as is our weekly panui and emails. In coming weeks we will be looking at more opportunities to unite with whanau…..”Whanau Connect”…..keep an eye out for the call!

Ngā mihi ki a koutou katoa
Whaea Rae



Whanau and ākonga hou

Nau mai haere mai Charlotte McLean, Wairoa, Maire and Rautini Waigth, Te Kauri and Tialee.

Ko te tūmanakokua tāunga haere koutouki waenganui i a tātou ō Paenuku.

“Tūngia te ururoa, whakaritorito te tutu o te harakeke.”

Kapa Haka

Paenuku has been working really hard learning new waiata and haka alongside Whaea Hera. Her Kia Māori initiatives and all their efforts were positively displayed at our kura whānau hui at Maumahara last week.


Basketball at Kensington has started back up for the term and students are really enjoying being back on the court and training with Matua Herbie and the crew.

Mahi hurihanga

Ko te kaupapa o tēnei wāhanga ko te “Toitu te taiao”. E ako ana mātou i. ngā ahuatanga o matariki i.e., te whetu “Waita” te taha moana and Te whetu Tupu-ā-nuku koira ngā mahi maara kai. Mai i era  hua tīmata mā tātou ki te hunga i wā mātou kakahu toi (wearable arts)


Whats been happening this week?

Wiki Tuatoru

Te Kāpehu Whetū tuakana are joining in with Pink shirt Day, supporting the kaupapa of promoting kindness, respect, and inclusivity. Pink shirt dayrepresents a stand against bullyingand aims to create a safe environment for everyone by encouraging people to wear pink shirts as a visible statement of solidarity and support for those who have been bullied. We enjoyed a very enthusiastic hikoi around the loop with lots of supportive encouragement from the public.

By speaking up against bullying, schools can help create a more inclusive and supportiveenvironment that benefits all students.

Mahi Toi

Paetata have been taking mahi toi classes at Hundertvasser. This will run untill the end of the term and consists of 2 lessons per week, one for year 7 and ne for year 8 ākonga. Each lesson is based off how we deliver our term overview, with Matariki being the navigator of that learning process.

Paetawhiti have started boxing lessons in town, with one lesson a week. Ākonga enjoyed their first session and are looking forward to their next one.

Unfortunately Winter Sports was cancelled which mean Paetata weren’t able to go, so instead we improvised and set up our own rotation of games, which helped ease the dissappointment of the games being cancelled.


  • Aims games – Paetata Hui, Tuesday 21 May 2024 5-6pm Paetata Whare 183 Lower Dent Street
  • Aims games deposit of $150.00 needs to be paid before June 1st 2024
  • Paetata whanau please make the hui if you are able to



Early Tuesday morning we farewelled our ACAD boys at Maumahara.  The whare is a lot quieter now and a wee bit empty but that just gives our kōhine a great environment to focus and get the mahi done!

On Thursday our Paerangi kōhine attended a STAH (Scientific, Technical and Allied Health) Careers Forum.  They heard from 12 different careers areas in the Health sector, including dental, dietitians, central sterilising unit, radiology and Hospital Play specialists.  The area of health care is rapidly growing and there is a demand of people to train and work in these areas.  These workshops gave our ākonga an insight into the diverse range of possibilities available to them beyond the traditional doctor or nurse. But in saying that, New Zealand has a shortage of both nurses and doctors. We have the highest rate of foreign trained nurses and the 2nd highest rate of foreign trained doctors in the OCED (2019)

The career pathways presented ranged from needing no specialist training and gaining your qualifications on the job, to 5 years study and a Masters degree before you can practise in the profession. Te Whata Ora is also working to create more opportunities for apprenticeships and training on the job opportunities in Whangarei.

These are the current shortages in New Zealand

  • 4,800 nurses
  • 1,050 midwives
  • 1,700 doctors (incl. GPs)
  • 170 pharmacists
  • 120 sonographers
  • 200 anaesthetic technicians
  • 220 dental / oral health therapists and hygienists
  • 30 radiation therapists
  • 30 clinical/cardiac physiologists

Experiences like this health careers forum are important for our ākonga to help them widen their horizons and understanding of all the opportunities available to them and see what they can do in their future.

Every year NorthTec provides a variety of different short courses for high school students to give them experience and credits in different trade industries.  Our Year 13 akonga completed their baking course this Friday where they have gained knowledge in working in a commercial kitchen and tips and skills in baking for cafes and bakery departments (as well as at home for whanau) One of the significant benefits of many of these courses is they provide the basic unit standards the industries require you to have before you can work in them such as health and safety, hygiene and knife handling and safety.  Although working in these industries might not be the lifelong career goals, they are handy skills to have as you can go anywhere around the world and find work while also enjoying the sights.  The next course is around beauty services, and there is an automotive skills 3 day workshop starting in June.

Naku, na Whaea Brenda

Leadership Academy of A Company

Make sure you follow the Leadership Academy of A Company Facebook page for all the updates and photos of this outstanding haerenga.


 On Sunday the 19th the Leadership Academy of A Company will be privileged to attend a uniquely New Zealand service at the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Cassino and then attend the dawn service on the 20th at Monte Cassino railway station.

no infantry battalion had a more distinguished record, or saw more fighting, or, alas, had such heavy casualties than the Māori Battalion”.  

General Freyberg

“In the New Zealand section, New Zealand being the small community that it is, there were so many names that I knew.. Two men who had played for the NZ All blacks, George Hart and Jack Harris, but what affected me the most….were all those magnificent Maori names.. I jotted only a few down in my diary….Perenara, Heke, Rikiriki, Hapeta, Herewini, Te Kura, Takurua, Wiremu, Te Whata, Maaka, Taurere, Kaire, Paurini, Rakau.. I went to each and every 28 Battalion soldier’s headstone and read the name and rank aloud while tears were streaming down my face. It was more than just watching the Maori’s marching down the strada into the line, it was more than just hearing their regular Bren guns on our flank, it was more than just the harmony of their voices in an Army concert. I could not put it into words.”

 26 Battalion infantry private Gordon Slatters upon returning to Cassino in 1970

Kia maumahara tātou i a ratou


See Calendar for Key Events



We believe passionately in our culture, our people, our ākonga, and we know that through hard work, commitment, and focused support they will achieve within the Kura and beyond. We do this hereby acknowledging the 28 Māori Battalion and the price paid for citizenship, so that ‘we’ can “Navigate Māori Futures”.

To do this we commit to success in all its forms:

Kia Māori – Be Māori – Be

An education that validates Māori knowledge and ways of learning.

Kia Mātau – Be Knowledgeable – Know

Encouraging innovation, inquiry, the development of specialised knowledge and skills.

Kia Tū Rangatira Ai – Be Rangatira – Do

Development of strong character and personal excellence, living with mana.


Raewyn Tipene 

Important Dates

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