Dargaville’s Nico Te Whata, has placed first in his division in the Northland Secondary School Sports Association fitness competition.

The Te Kapehu Whetu school student’s mother says his “hard work and full time training schedule” has paid off, by coming first out of eight 15 and 16-year-olds in the junior varsity men’s division. There were about 45 competitors in the whole event.

The 15-year-old came second in the same competition last year and his trainer Ness Lawgun of Far North CrossFit says he is always keen to increase his strength and capabilities.

It was whilst boarding in Whangarei that Nico first attended CrossFit classes.

“He first came to us with the school just over a year ago and then started coming of his own accord. He is very enthusiastic and is a member of the Northland Olympic Weightlifting club as well.”

Nico trains six days a week, with two of those days dedicated to weightlifting. His mother Moana says his trainers see more of him than she does.

“I’m definitely proud. He has worked very hard and is very motivated.  It is a bit of an addiction. Nico has always been interested in sports and fitness and wants to try everything. He even busses into Whangarei during the school holidays to train.”


Originally published in the Kaipara Lifestyler, Tuesday May 19, 2015.  Written by Ayla Miller
Photo: Nico Te Whata with the medal he won during the Northland Secondary School Sports Association fitness competition