This Kura Hourua sets as its foundation Ngāpuhi history, stories and  people.  We envision a future where all Ngāpuhi are confident and comfortable conducting themselves in both a Māori  and a tauiwi world.  However, we know that our language and  culture is under threat of disappearing or at the very least of becoming a watered down version.  The Kura Hourua offers an opportunity to “raise generations of Ngāpuhi who are confident, competent and capable so that they may find their place on the marae and their place in the world.”

“Tu ki te marae….. Tu ki te Ao”

The Kura Hourua together with whānau, ākonga and partners will explore the opportunities and navigate the possibilities, to meet the personal aspirations of our ākonga and contribute to the goals of our whānau, hapū, iwi, local community and the greater Aotearoa society.  To do so, the Kura Hourua continues with a focus around three pou set in place by its tuakana, the Leadership Academy of A Company.

Kia Māori

Is about providing an education and an environment that validates Māori knowledge and validates Māori ways of learning.  It is about building a strong kaupapa Māori basis from which ākonga can launch their lives.  Its about Ākonga who have a strong sense of identity and who develop to become highly capable in a Māori world.

  • Competent command of Te reo me ōna tikanga o Ngāpuhi
  • Capable on the marae
  • Confident in themselves as Māori

Kia Mātau

Is where we  encourage innovation, inquiry and the development of specialised knowledge and skills that enable ākonga to actively participate as citizens of the world. Where we will empower our ākonga to develop their own approach to learning that will allow them to achieve goals that they set themselves. Where we will continually focus on those skills and contemporary knowledge necessary in a globalised world.

  • Competently completed NCEA L3, UE and other National certificates
  • Capable of managing higher learning
  • Confident in navigating the next phase of their life

Kia Tū Rangatira ai!

We also understand that beyond just the acquisition of academic qualifications, we need to provide an environment for the development of strong character and personal excellence so that ākonga understand how to  conduct themselves honourably and with application in the world.  In other words to live with Mana.  The pou evolved from the Leadership Academy of A Company as the tuakana of Te Kura Hourua and the need to see manaaki or mana enhancing behaviour reinstated in the world.

  • Competent
  • Capable
  • Confident
  • Authentic young people of integrity

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