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Board Kaumatua

He honore he kororia ki te Matua Nui I Te Rangi, nāna nei i hanga ngā mea katoa o tenei Ao whakawhetai atu ki te Rangi-i-tu-haha.  Ka huri ngā mihi ki te tira wairua, ngā kotuku rerengatahi e kī ā nei “kāhore a muri i hokia”

Mā aku roimata e tuhi ngā mihi koe e kō e Tīkaro, nau te taha māori o tenei kura whakapakari i te wā he ākonga koe i te kura o Te Kāpehu Whetū. E Tīkaro e kore koe e warewaretia e hau ara e ngā kai ako ngā ākonga o tō kura. Tuakiri ē, te mamae, mō koutou katoa kua whakawhiti atu ki tua-o-te arai. Moe mai rā i runga i te rangimārie.

Ka tatū ake ngā mihi ki a koutou ngā whānau tūārangi, me ngā whānau i hokia tuarua mai, ngā mihi nunui ki a koutou i takahia mai te nuku o te whenua mai o tātou marae maha ki te whakatutuki i ō koutou whakaaro mo ngā mātauranga ō ā tātou tamariki.

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, kia ora huihui mai tātou katoa.

Papa Telly Warren


Tēna tātou katoa te whānau whānui o Te Kāpehu Whetū.

Nau mai hoki mai ki te wāhanga tuatahi o te tau Pakeha ō 2024.

Kua tae mai a Raumati hoki! 


Welcome back whanau…….to a new year and new beginnings.

Such a short break and so many things have occured.

To those who have lost loved one over this time, and there were many, my sincere aroha.

To my Henare whanau, there are no words I can find that might be of comfort to you all, at this time.  Know only that I am heartbroken at the loss of our girl Tīkarohia Te Mārama Henare.

Tīkaro….you will always hold a place in my heart and a place in Te Kāpehu Whetū.

Fly high our girl……moe mai rā i runga i te rangimārie!!!


I have decided to include key items in this panui, to help whanau re-connect with our kaupapa.  In the next day or so we will send a link to each whanau who have ākonga enrolled for 2024 to join our school app.  This will provide you with regular updates on events, policy and information necessary to be part of the Kura going forward.  In terms of Communication, we will continue to email directly (so keep that up to date!) and will utilise the App.  The website and Facebook are public sites.

TKW whanui ngā mihi….I whakamana I te kaupapa nei, mo ngā mokopuna te take!!!



Te Kāpehu Whetū was established in 2014 as a secondary charter school/Kura Hourua. Our Kura Tuakana included the two whare Paetawhiti (Years 9-10) and Paerangi (Years 11-13). In 2015 we opened our Kura Teina which included Paenuku (Year 1-6) and Paetata (Year 7-8). Both Kura were extremely successful and were one school.

In 2018, charter schools were closed and we were moved back to mainstream as two separate Designated Special Character schools. The change did not suit our vision and the Kura has struggled to work in the system. So in 2023, the Board decided to merge both Kura under Te Kāpehu Whetū. We are now a full Year 1-13 Kura sometimes referred to as an Area School.

We are still in rebuild mode but can already feel and see positive change occurring. We expect 2024 to be Te Kāpehu Whetū’s breakthrough year. To do this we need the support and co-operation of staff, whanau and our ākonga. Communication will be key as is an understanding and belief in our mission….our kaupapa The App, regular term whanau hui, Pouako/whanau relationships and our prospectus, (which is being currently renewed and out before the end of Term 1) will help.

Thank you for making TKW your Kura!!

Te Kāpehu Whetū

Te Kāpehu Whetū is an educational model that has, at its heart, a desire by Iwi Māori for Tino Rangatiratanga. This is nicely captured in the well-known whakatauki;

“E kore ahau e ngaro, He kākāno i ruia mai i Rangiatea”

Simply translated this means “I will never be lost, for I am a seed sown in Rangiatea.”

This allows us to say “we know who we are, we know where we come from and we have a world view which is ours.”  In its simplest form Tino Rangatiratanga is our right to see and be in the world, as Māori. This gives power to the premise that Māori can live as Māori in this modern global world.

Te Kāpehu Whetū is committed to this vision and committed to the strategic action necessary to provide the space, time, and opportunity to facilitate ākonga, whanau and staff growth and development.

Launching Māori Futures

To that end, what we do at Te Kāpehu Whetū must enable our collective and individual transformation.

To aid this quest a number of us attended the ‘Hui Ā Motu’ at Turangawaewae on the 20th January. What a way to start 2024, reassessing and reinforcing our position and responsibility as tangata whenua.  As a result the following has become the catch cry of the day:

Tākiri tū te Kotahitanga

Tākiri tū te Mana Motuhake

Tākiri tū te Rangatiratanga

And to achieve these goals the following was encapsulated:

“Kei roto i a tatou ano ringaringa to tatou oranga”

– Our destiny remains in our own hands –

Pita Tipene

And as was mentioned many times – the future lies in the hands of whanau.

This is our belief, despite what Government is in place or what policies are being implemented, that at Te Kāpehu Whetū, our potential, our prospects, both good and bad, for our tamariki/mokopuna lay with us.


Charting Māori Futures

Te Kāpehu Whetū understands this expectation as we were given the distinction of being named after the Māori Star Compass as a means of signalling our Kura’s purpose and direction.  We were named by our esteemed rangatira and navigator Tā Hekenukumai Busby, and our tohunga whakairo, Te Warihi Hetaraka and our kaumatua, Adrian (Telly) Warren.  We also have the privilege of using the navigational names in Tā Mason Durie’s books.  We understand the expectation and this is reflected in all we do:

Te Kāpehu Whetū utilises the symbolism and metaphor of the star compass and deep-sea voyaging for:

Our primary purpose:             “Launching Māori Futures”

Our strategic framework:       “Charting Māori Futures”

Our delivery response:           “Navigating Māori Futures”

Navigating Māori Futures

In addition, ākonga move through 4 whare reflecting increasingly further horizons signalling the gradual progressive learning process, moving towards their own aspirations that exist out, over the far horizon.

Paenuku:          Year 1-6 (the land we stand on),

Paetata:           Year 7-8 (the horizon in front of us),

Paetawhiti        Year 9-10 (the distant, far horizon),

Paerangi:          Year 11-13 (that place over the horizon)


At Te Kāpehu Whetū, as we move forward, we cannot afford to be distracted by matters of the moment but instead seek out distant horizons and create futures where we, our tamariki, and mokopuna


‘Live as Māori and Live with Mana’




Te Kāpehu Whetū is founded on Ngāpuhi history and stories, this is central to how we see ourselves.

In Launching Māori Futures – we envision a future where our ākonga, steeped in Ngāpuhi history and stories, are confident and comfortable conducting themselves in both a Māori and Tauiwi world.

In Charting Māori Futures – we know we must create a culture, a curriculum, a delivery programme, that enables this to occur.

In Navigating Māori Futures – we commit to “raise generations of Ngāpuhi who are confident, competent and capable so that they may find their place on the marae and their place in the world”.

“Tū ki te marae…..Tū ki te Ao”

Te Kāpehu Whetū, together with whānau, ākonga, and partners, will explore opportunities and navigate the possibilities to lift the aspirations of our ākonga and contribute to the goals of our whānau, hapū, iwi, local community, and the greater Aotearoa society.

To do so, Te Kāpehu Whetū continues with a focus around three pou set in place by its tuakana, the

Leadership Academy of A Company:

Kia Māori – Be Māori – BE

Kia Mātau – Be Knowledgeable – KNOW

Kia Tū Rangatira Ai – Be Rangatira – DO

Leadership Academy of A Company

Code of Conduct






Generosity of Spirit

Self Discipline




We are indebted to our tūpuna of the 28th Maori Battalion who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could enjoy the privilege of citizenship as defined by Article III of Te Tiriti O Waitangi.

The Leadership Academy of A Company was created to pay homage to those men and use the symbols and mechanisms of the 28 to raise young people who display discipline, confidence, respect for self and for others and for the greater wellbeing of all….

In other words to be future leaders for our people but above all be good men/women, be good partners and good parents.

Te Kāpehu Whetū embodies the values known as the Code of Conduct

The Future

Waka Collaborations in progress

Heemi Eruera

Last year I met with Heemi Eruera. Heemi Eruera is described as being the protege of the late Master Waka Builder & Navigator, Tā Hekenukumai Busby, from whom our kura and waka kaupapa derive it’s origins. He is currently repairing our waka Whakaruru Te Hau over at matua Te Warahi’’s shed.  Joelene Busby

Late last year I met with Joelz, who is currently building and sailing waka hourua around Tūtūkaka and Pataua.  We have agreed to develop a programme for our Kura, introducing ākonga to building and sailing waka.

Dr Shelly Spiller and John Panoho

In addition, I met with Dr Shelly Spiller and John Panoho, two of the three authors of the Leadership book “Wayfinding Leadership”.  We discussed a working relationship for future leadership training for our ākonga.  On the 1st of February, we initiatie that training.

On Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd February Paerangi and Year 10’s will travel back to Aurere.  This is a signal to all of our return to our roots and to the concept of Wayfinding, a means of navigating our own futures.  Ākonga and Pouako will take part in a number of workshops on wayfinding, while there.


Taiao and Moana Capability building

Discussions are underway with several organisations and roopu regarding education, training and practical application of skills, knowledge and science in relation to the wider Taiao and Moana.  We intend to build these relationships so that we can both ‘train the trainers’ and offer programmes.

This is important both in terms of our name and legacy, Te Kāpehu Whetū but also in terms of ensuring that ākonga have the skills for kai collection but also have an understanding of the value of Taiao and the Moana in relation to Climate Change.

Papakainga Prepper

Similarly, we are looking for ways to grow ākonga capabilities around mahinga kai and papakainga prepping to ensure they have skills to grow kai and have knowledge around whenua ownership and papakainga development.

TKW 2024

As we gear up for 2024, we ask that whanau note that we are returning to a Kura of high expectations.  We start this term by gently reminding whanau that high expectations starts with ourselves.  Below are some simple practices to ensure we are all on the same page in terms of what TKW is a Kura of – High expectations of ourselves as Staff, High expectations of Whanau, which combined will ultimately feed into High performing ākonga on many different levels.

As we look to 2024 Te Kāpehu Whetū will return to the following initiatives that will lift our collective expectation of ourselves….as role models for our ākonga.

  • Commitment to Te Reo:
    • Our administrative team is actively exploring courses to enhance whānau members’ proficiency in te reo Māori. Keep an eye on the weekly panui for updates.
    • We ask that all TKW whanau commit to improving their own use of te reo Māori
  • Enrolment Procedure and Whānau Agreements:
    • For clarity we will re-introduce a whanau agreement in 2024
    • New enrolments will need to sign up to the whānau agreement.
  • Readiness:
    • Ensure prompt arrival, rested and maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Uniform Compliance:
    • Ensure your children are in uniform.
    • TKW will be vigilant in enforcing this standard.
  • Ongoing Uniform and Shoe Costs:
    • Uniforms are a cost to be met by whanau
    • Remain aware of continuous uniform and shoe expenses.
  • Attitudes and Behaviours:
    • Adequate rest and nutritious meals significantly impact behaviour and outcomes.
    • Please support our children in these aspects.
  • Upholding Standards and Conduct:
    • We request all whānau to engage in discussions with their children and collectively uphold the Code of Conduct and TKW’s standards.
  • Mobile Phone:
    • Leave it at home. Adherence to this rule is required


Outlook for 2024:

Stay tuned for updates and insights into what lies ahead for TKW. We will keep you informed of our progress and future plans via the school app and email.

Whānau, please note

  • Our kura has high expectations of ourselves and ākonga, therefore, we need to attend consistently, be awake, follow the hygiene and dress standards, and be well-rounded in our hauora.
  • Healthy kai (provided) and Wai Māori are the only acceptable kai allowed at TKW. Please ensure that your tamariki has a clean and named water bottle with them each day.


As part of the merge process, Te Kāpehu Whetū has been working with SchoolDocs to create a website for our policies and procedures. We are excited to announce that the site is now live and available to our school community. Access details are in the newsletter.

Important Dates

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