• Arriving
    Our contingent of Paenuku, Paerangi, Leadership Academy, Kaimahi and Whanau arriving at Matua Hekenukumai Busby's kainga
  • Paenuku at Te Kapehu Whetu
    Paenuku within Matua Hec's Te Kapehu Whetu
  • Greeting our Hawaiian whanau
    Greeting our Hawaiian whanau
  • Our kaihoe getting ready for launch
    Our kaihoe getting ready for the inaugural launch
  • waka naming
    Matua Hekenukumai Busby naming the waka "Whakaruru Te Hau"
  • Getting ready to haka powhiri the waka
    Our Paenuku & Paerangi getting ready to haka powhiri the waka into the water
  • entering the water
    Whakaruru Te Hau enters the water for the first time with her eyes and her name
  • wakes first pass
    Our Kaihoe and Kaihautu Chappy Harrison on the first pass during the inaugural launch of Whakaruru Te Hau.
  • securing the waka
    Making sure she is safe and secure for her voyage to Whangarei Terenga Paraoa
  • bringing the wake home
    Bringing Whakaruru Te Hau to Whangarei Terenga Paraoa the weight of responsibility dawned on all of us.



  • 25 Apr 2015
  • Hikoi, Waka
  • Te Taitokerau Tārai Waka, Hekenukumai Busby
  • Waka, Celestial Navigation