2016 Te Tai Tokerau Regionals


Paetawhiti (year 7/8) competing at the recent Tai Tokerau Regional Competition at Te Rangianiwaniwa in Kaitaia. They performed well in their very first competition.


Paenuku (year 1-6) competing at the Taitokerau Regional Competition taking out first place and booking themselves  place at Nationals in 2017.


Chicago Haerenga 2015

During October a group of students and staff from Te Kapehu Whetu held a successful cultural and educational exchange with Oak Park and River Forest High School in Chicago. The exchange was an opportunity for students to see and appreciate first hand one of the largest economies in the world, participate in school life in another country and gain a global perspective on New Zealand’s position in the world. This video is a highlights package from that trip that also includes a visit to Ross School in New York, and stopping off in Washington DC and Los Angeles.

Rangatahi Inc Launch Dinner

On August 28 this year, a bold new initiative called Rangatahi Inc was launched at Whangarei’s Toll Stadium. Rangatahi Inc is a collaborative initiative designed to unlock rangatahi entrepreneurship in Tai Tokerau. This video captures some of the highlights from the evening including the first product launch as a result of Rangatahi Inc – Inc Me, a high quality smart phone case with a QR code that contains a company or individual’s contact details.

Rangatahi Inc. Launch Event

Māori youth learn tricks of the trade

See video here. Originally presented on Te Kaea, by Dean Nathan

Developing the economic growth and success of Māori youth was the purpose of last night’s (August 29) business launch in Whāngarei. The project aims to focus on knowledge and opportunity gaps that hinder the progress of Māori youth.

Business leaders and politicians alike came together to support the launch of Rangatahi Inc.

Inspired youth Lewis Paul is passionate about the project ‘This amazing project will help me achieve my goals and aspirations to become a future leader.’

Ideally this initiative will help develop the resources needed to advance the Māori economy.

Charter teacher from Te Kāpehu Whetū Mr Nathan Mathew said he is proud of his youth’s presentation ‘It’s not an easy thing to get up before an audience of this calibre but tonight they did.’

Rangatahi Inc is a business centre for youth. Proceeds from the launch will go towards a trip to New York and Chicago in October. The 20 entrepreneurial youth chosen for the trip will be exposed to one of the world’s largest and most dynamic markets.

For Lewis Paul it’s all about ‘Experiencing the world and developing ourselves into Māori leaders of the future.’