2016 Te Tai Tokerau Regionals


Paetawhiti (year 7/8) competing at the recent Tai Tokerau Regional Competition at Te Rangianiwaniwa in Kaitaia. They performed well in their very first competition.


Paenuku (year 1-6) competing at the Taitokerau Regional Competition taking out first place and booking themselves  place at Nationals in 2017.


overseas exchange

Students hope overseas exchange will help with future goals

Three Northland students who will be going on overseas exchanges next year say they are excited to become immersed in other cultures and hope it will help with their future aspirations.

While other students will be heading to university next year, Te Kapehu Whetu students Aotea Parata, Grace Barry and Hineira Komene will be heading overseas on a year-long Rotary Youth Exchange.

Aotea is going to Sao Paulo, Brazil; Grace is going to Bornheim, Germany; and Hineira is heading to St Gallen, Switzerland.

The 17-year-olds said for them the exchange is more than just a chance to travel, it is an opportunity for them to learn a third language, get to know the indigenous people and compare Maori culture, to other cultures.

“We’re indigenous people ourselves, being Maori…I think it’s important embrace other cultures. Especially when you hear other places have lost their language, we know how lucky we are,” said Aotea.

“We can’t just limit ourselves to our own culture we have to broaden our perspective and open our mind,” said Grace.

Both Grace and Hineira want to become involved in the United Nations in the future and are hoping what they learn overseas will help them achieve this goal.

“I’m hoping by learning another language and being immersed in a different culture it will help with my future aspirations of being involved in the United Nations,” Grace said.

“I’m similar. I’ve always wanted to do international mediation to help prevent conflict in countries. That’s why I wanted to pursue a career in the UN. I’ve been gravitating towards Indigenous cultures. This will broaden my perspective,” Hineira said.

In preparation for their exchange the trio have been trying to learn as much about their host country as possible.

The group, who will head off in January, say they are excited but nervous.

“I think this trip will help me become more independent and self sufficient because I’m quite a dependent person. That’s why I’m pushing myself to stay the whole year,” said Hineira.

“We’ve already started placing bets on how long I’ll last,” said Grace.


Originally featured in the Northern Advocate, Monday November 7, 2016
By Mikaela Collins

Photo: Te Kapehu Whetu students Grace Barry, Hineira Komene and Aotea Parata are excited to embrace other cultures when they head on a year-long overseas exchange next year. Photo  / John Stone


Ngā Whetu – Term 3, 2016 Highlights

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the team from Otago University

Nga Mihi Matua Frank, and the team from Otago University

Navigating our Own Futures

A group of year 13 ākonga that were interested in studying next year at the University of Otago and also the Queenstown Resort College, paid a visit to the region to look at study options. A big mihi to Frank Edwards and his team from Te Huka Mātauraka for their manaakitanga on campus and also to our kura and Academy graduates currently studying at Otago that hosted our ākonga for the night – Harley, Honehau, Mana, Shane and Kauri. Thanks boys, even though it cost us your weight in KFC! As part of transitioning our senior ākonga into tertiary study we have also made education trips to Queenstown Resort College in Paihia, Auckland University, AUT and Waikato University in Hamilton.

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Paora Allen

Nga Manu Korero gives young people a voice

Paora Allen says it was “pretty special” to stand on stage and represent Te Tai Tokerau at an event he says gives young people a voice.

The 17-year-old student from Te Kapehu Whetu represented Northland in the Korimako (Senior English) category at the Nga Manu Korero National Secondary School Speech Contest, along with Rehia Nikora-Rameka from Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Kaikohe who represented the region in the Pei Te Hurinui Jones – Senior Maori category.

The Te Tai Tokerau speakers were two of 30 from around the country who stood in front of thousands at Whangarei’s ASB Stadium yesterdayrepresenting their regions in an impromptu section, and in the prepared speech section.

Mr Allen said the standard of competition at the national event was high and said it was a great promoter of te reo Maori.

“It gives us young people an opportunity to have a voice and it puts forward a good face for Maori. Maori can get a lot of bagging sometimes but this is really positive,” he said.

Mr Allen said in preparation for the event he spent weeks ensuring he knew his speech well.

“I probably put in three weeks until I had it down in my head but then I really tried to get it down with actions,” he said.

The Year 13 Contest will continue tomorrow with the Ta Turi Kara (Junior English) and the Ta Rawhiti Ihaka – Junior Maori sections”.

“Especially because I just came up from Auckland to Te Tai Tokerau this year. It’s not only representing your area but your whanau,” he said.

The 2016 Nga Manu Korero National Secondary School Speech Contest will continue tomorrow with the Ta Turi Kara (Junior English) and the Ta Rawhiti Ihaka – Junior Maori sections.

To view a livestream of the event visit http://tehiku.nz/nmk16.


Originally featured in the Northern Advocate, Thursday September 22, 2016
By Mikaela Collins

Photo: Paora Allen, from Te Kapehu Whetu, represented Northland at the Korimako (Senior English) category at the Nga Manu Korero National Secondary School Speech Contest. Photo  / Michael Cunningham


Success at Manu Korero

Ngā Whetu – Term 2 Highlights

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A Time To Celebrate

Ngā mihi mahana mo te tau hou Māori!

As we acknowledge the rise of Matariki on the horizon, we remember that in the old days the constellation was important for navigation and timing of the seasons. Nowadays it’s a time to celebrate and to prepare the ground for the coming year, so it’s a good time to take stock of what we have achieved and to look ahead.

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Paetawhiti Sports Day

Years 7 and 8 had their winter sports day at Kensington Stadium yesterday (May 24). Awesome results. Basketball won all their games; soccer won three, drew one; netball won two, lost one; ripper rugby won all their games.

Original Puts Cousins into Final

Two Whangarei cousins may be the next Smokefreerockquest success story after taking out the solo/duo title at the Northland Rockquest heats on Saturday (21/05/2016).

Izaia Tilialo (17) a former Te Kāpehu Whetū student, and Huia Shortland (13) from Te Kāpehu Whetū’s Paetawhiti have been singing and playing guitar together for two years and their success at Forum North on Saturday has seen them go straight into the national final.

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Badging Ceremony

A special ceremony for youth known as the badging of new cadets into its Leadership Academy of A Company was held today in Whangarei.

Lehi Smith, Levi Tatana, Kiritopa Allen, Paora Allen, Cree Davis, Henare Herbert-Hemara, Hayden Yates, Heemi Rihari were badged as the newest recruits to the Leadership Academy.
It’s a celebration and introduction to the A Company.



E Tu Whanau – Huia-Izaia

Another entry in the E Tū Whānau song competition from the Kura. This is Huia Shortland (Paetawhiti) and Izaia Tilialo, a former ākonga. Go to the E Tū Whānau song competition Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/etuwhanausongcomp2016/app/403834839671843/) click on the vote button, search for their song (Who We Are) and vote. Share their video with whānau and friends and encourage them to vote too.

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